Contest Of Champions In The Marvel Universe

Playing games which was previously limited to only PC’s and consoles are now being replaced by mobile games. To attract the gamers, the developers are coming with more diverse game plots and interesting characters. Marvel Contest of champions is one such mobile game that keeps the gamers engaged into it. This fighting game was released in the year 2014 by Kabam. There are many marvel contest of champions cheats codes available to hack this game.

This game can be played in two modes, single-player and multiplayer mode. The gameplay is located in the Marvel Universe. In this game, the player assumes the task of a summoner and needs to battle his way by solving quests and fighting. The characters in the game are referred to as ‘Champions’. Since this game is roughly based on the comic book series ‘Contest of champions’, you may come across some of your favourite heroes and villains. To begin with, you will have only two characters in your team, but they seem to be weak. As the game progresses, player needs to obtain some crystals to get strong champions. To achieve these champion producing crystals, the player has to collect units (the currency used in this game). To obtain units, you need to solve quests, defeat enemies or you can even purchase from real world money. All the champions are ranked according to their powers, with one star being the least and four stars being the maximum.

The final objective of this game is to form a team comprising of toughest heroes and villains to beat all the others. There are two types of quests in this game, event and story quests. To level up the characters, the player needs to collect a radioactive isotope ISO-8. Catalysts are used to increase the rank of the champions. Although free, this game requires a continuous internet connection. Overall, gamers responded positively towards this game.

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