SeneGence International’s LipSense: A Closer Look

Lip Gloss, Lipsticks, and Lip Tints are just some of the basic beauty products that any woman may have in her drawer. All of these lip products add color to one’s lips, and thus would make one look more radiant and blooming. While matte lipstick is becoming popular, a glossy look to the lips is something that’s essentially timeless, and one of the best for this is lipsense gloss. What makes this gloss one of the best you could get for your lips? Here are some of its traits.

Soothing, Nourishing

Some lip products are known to contain harmful chemicals in them, which could leave lips chapped, dry, itchy, and irritated. With LipSense Gloss, you are not just making yourself more radiant and beautiful with nice lips, you are even nourshing it, thanks to vitamin E and shea butter that comes in the LipSense gloss, both of which are skin vitamins that help to maintain the health of one’s lips, making them look good with or without.

Several Finishes to Choose From

Not all the time does glossy fit themes and motifs. With the LipSense, you are able to have a wide array of choices, from pearl, shimmer, glossy, or even matte, which lets you have the look the fits the theme or motif of an event, or even just your mood and outfit of the day.

Better Protection for Lips

Sensitive, Damaged Lips is a common problem among women and men alike, given that the lips are thinner than the rest of our body that has skin. The lips can also be exposed to harsh elements that could eventually damage it, such as the harsh rays of the sun, and even acidic/corrosive substances. LipSense allows for protection from any of these, just by wearing them.

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