Why Get Tubemate?

Watching videos on Youtube is one of the most common, modern-day means of spending free time. It is on Youtube that you are able to watch whatever video you wish to watch, whether it be Music Videos, blogs from different people, covers, and the like. Sometimes, there are nice videos that you would want to share to others, or keep to yourself to watch without internet connectivity. This is where applications like tubemate for pc would come in handy. Why get tubemate? Below are some of the reasons why the app is worth downloading.

Support for Several Formats

Videos can come in several formats, and its best to have a converter that is capable of transforming the video to the format that works best for the device or set of devices that you would be watching the video in. With Tubemate, you are able to download even up to the highest quality for videos, 4K HD, and for other players, in MP4 format, which happens to be the most common. If you are only after audio, you can download videos via Tubemate in MP3 format. For lower-quality videos that are going to be played on older phone models, you have 3GP and WEBM formats.

Safe and Legal

Unlike other online video downloaders, the good thing about Tubemate is that it is both safe and completely legal for use, and with the help of other antivirus software, has made itself trusted and verified. It also keeps your personal identity safe when you use it, as it does not avail of any third party apps nor lets you use these without asking for your consent. You also will not really get into legal troubles if you make use of the app to download an array of videos with peace of mind.

Post Author: anarab