Quality Vacuum Cleaner According to VacuumPal

Every vacuum cleaner out there will claim that it’s the best of it’s type or category, but we’re confident that you’ve had enough experience to conclude that this is hardly the case for the majority. Finding the best or ideal vacuum cleaner can become a challenge especially when you don’t have any idea where to look. Luckily, VacuumPal is a review website dedicated in trying and testing different vacuum cleaners to see which one is actually worth the purchase. Unlike other websites, they don’t focus on the priciest models, but rather on those they think will benefit the consumers.


Bissell 1330 CleanViewBagless Vacuum


Among the different types of vacuum cleaners available, the upright vacuum cleaner is typically the most powerful option but do keep in mind that they larger; if your space is incredibly limited then this may not be for you. The Bissell 1330 helps the owner clean effectively and efficiently through its innovative brush that thoroughly cleans surface passages. The constant and outstanding suction power is facilitated by the built in OnePass Technology. Household allergens are considerably reduced and even eliminated because of the vacuum’s multilevel filtration feature. Meanwhile the sleek design and suction are contributed by the cyclonic system.

The vacuum cleaner’s power cord extends up to 25 feet, the cleaner comes with a crevice tool inside the extension wand, dirt tanks with easy empty features and washable tank filters. The Bissell 1330 enables easy removal of dirt from the vacuum’s dustbin and the majority of dirt is removed during the initial surface contact. The vacuum is effective on various surfaces like upholstery, auto, bare floors, hard floors, low pile carpet and counter tops. As for the cons, there isn’t much except for the fact that certain button are found in awkward places.

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