Windows 10 Doesn’t Fall Short Of Impressing Every Single Time

Everyone is going crazy in love with the new windows 10 which is super fast, easy to navigate, smooth interface and has a host of features and functionalities. To believe these statements let’s look at how to screen shot windows 10 which will definitely make all fall in love with this software all over again if not already in love. There are multiple options available to take a screenshot in windows 10 to begin with the simplest way is by just pressing the prtscn button on the keyboard. This is a quick option and easy to use.

But just one click of a button the entire screen gets copied into the clipboard and then one can just open their favorite image editor to open the screenshot edit it if required and can save it at a preferred location in the computer. This is best option available if someone is in a hurry and needs to take multiple screenshots quickly of different pages. However, if someone wants more flexibility in their screenshots then the use of snipping tool is advised. Snipping tool helps to take screenshot of only the area or the selected part of the screen.

For example if one selects a particular paragraph from the page or a specific image on the screen or any other particular thing then snipping tool will only help to copy the select part and not the entire screen. It saved time on the editing part. One can also take quick screenshots by using the keyboard shortcuts with game bar in windows 10. Windows 10 does allow capability to record gameplay and also to take screenshots within the game while using windows pc games. This is a quick screenshot that gets saved in PNG image format in the C drive of your personal computer.

Post Author: anarab