Prothero making things up, yet again

I have better things to do (like grading) than to correct errors and mistakes in your reporting.  "While that skirmish never arrived, Hezbollah forces did mount an operation late at night to extract the beleaguered staff of the Arab Movement Party -- sending in several SUVs to make sure their allies got out."  Here, this was first a rumor that was quickly dispelled.  Hizbullah was not the party that "extracted" Shakir Birjawi, and it was not an operation.  It was Birjawi and a few guys who left from a back entrance to that building, and the party that arranged for the "extraction" was the Sunni Murabitun party of Mustafa Hamdan, and NOT Hizbullah or Amal.

Posted on May 22, 2012 by As'ad