Bahrain Update

From the active Angry Arab's chief Bahrain correspondent: "Seems like at least one of the western expats interviewed is much worse than I thought: 
On another note, apparently William Hague hinted  that Nasser Bin Hamad, the Kings son, might be banned from coming to the London Olympics, I'm guessing because personally threatened athletes and is accused of torture.  Now I doubt that he'd actually be banned from coming but apparently he freaked out, and deleted all his disgusting tweets which contained direct threats to protestors.   Its just so funny... they are soo petty and so scared of the west.  I mean if the mere hint of not being able to go to London caused such a swift reaction, then imagine if the British or Americans actually told them that they should release the prisoners immediately, reinstate the workers and allow for the protests to continue, or else.... They would do it in a heartbeat.  Thats why Bahrain is so sad.  All we need is a phone call from the US telling them to stop what they are doing immediately, and they would do it."

Posted on May 10, 2012 by As'ad