Crazy report about academic standards

Yaman sent me this: "I hope you are well. You have to post about this. A guy named Peter Berkowitz just published an op-ed for the WSJ to promote a "report" by the "National Association of Scholars" attacking California universities for alleged political indoctrination. He pretends it's a challenge to university "leftism," but if you look at the PDF report, so many of the anecdotes only have to do with attacking criticism of Israel. And for a report that is supposed to be about upholding some standards of scholarship, they have this hilarious example from UC Santa Barbara:

A similar case on the same campus involved Sociology 108f: “Studying People at First Hand.” Here
too the course description promised instruction in the basics of the field: “A vital aspect of modern
sociology is the study of social activities in natural settings. This course explores the different methods a fieldworker can use to discover truths about society.” The student wanted a basic course in field methods, and so took this one. But it turned out not to be about field methods at all. The instructor showed a series of videotapes. The first was “Women of the Hezbollah.” It showed the hardships suffered by Palestinian revolutionaries fighting for a free Palestine, and their oppression by Israelis. The second showed rebels in El Salvador fighting their oppressive U.S.-backed government. As a result, the student reported, there was virtually no instruction in field methods. This was simply political propaganda masquerading as a methods course. (p. 38)

I don't know this videotape, and I don't know anything about these alleged incidents of video-watching. But Palestinian revolutionaries is probably not the subject of a film about Hizballah women. So tell me, how is this report supposed to be an authority on distinguishing "academics" from "politics"?

Here's the op-ed:
Here's the report:".

Posted on April 4, 2012 by As'ad