Change in the Gulf

"The reason why Arabs are not more vocal about change in their countries varies from state to state. In the wealthy countries of the Gulf a sense of apathy can be felt that may be associated with materialism. Noam Chomsky associates excessive capitalism that followed the second world war in the US with apathy and fragmented societies.  I believe the same argument could be applied to the citizens of the Gulf states. After all, the Gulf states have been racing against time to develop and promote capitalism, from the $60bn planed economic mega-cities in Saudi Arabia to Kuwait's $23bn cash bailout for its indebted citizens.
Already Gulf citizens enjoy some of the highest per capita GDP in the world with Qatar leading the way at an estimated $121,400 per citizen while other Gulf states are not far behind. It is also not uncommon to read every once in a while a proclamation from a Gulf leader that the state has a duty to create jobs for the youth. Perhaps a successful "jobs for apathy" policy?"  (thanks Daniel)

PS Sultan is too pessimistic here, but he is from UAE.  If I live in UAE, I would be pessimistic too, but we should not.

Posted on April 4, 2012 by As'ad