Jeffrey Feltman on "Arab Spring"

"What has become known as the Arab Spring or the Arab Awakening has looked very different from Tunisia to Egypt, to Libya, to Syria, and the Gulf."  Of course, you can mock Feltman every time he opens his mouth: and if he is not as boring as he is, I would have provided regular commentaries about his observations on the Middle East (my favorite, of course, was when he assured the world that Egypt would not be hit by an uprising following the Tunisian uprising:it was when he said: Egypt is not Tunisia).  But what I liked about the sentence above is that he listed countries but could not dare mention Gulf countries by name so he just said: the Gulf".  I like that.  Why not speak about uprisings in a remote part of Asia. That would be better to avoid offending your dictatorial allies.  (thanks Daniel)

Posted on March 20, 2012 by As'ad