The Drunken Saudi Prince in Beirut: the story

This story is big in Lebanon and is being talked about on Arabic websites throughout the world.  Here is the story.  Al-Akhbar was the first media to reveal the story.  His name has been suppressed in Arab media but New TV yesterday revealed his name: Prince Salman Bin Faysal bin Muhammad bin `Abdul-`Aziz.  He was drinking hard last Saturday in downtown Beirut and parked his car in a marked "no parking" spot.  A passing traffic cop passed on his motorcycle and proceed to give the Prince a ticket.  The Prince emerges with his entourage, very drunk, and proceeded to insult the cop and the Lebanese people and saying that "we bought this downtown area".  A group of young Lebanese (25 or so) gathered and were offended at the sight: so they proceeded to beat the shit out of the Saudi prince.  The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (Hariri-run) were dispatched to the scene and arrested the cop--kid you not.  The prince was hospitalized and the cop was forced by his bosses to go and offer an apology to the Prince.  Yesterday, the Lebanese police arrested the 25 Lebanese.  This is not it: the Hariri parliamentary bloc met and said: "In the last period, cases and practices that violate the rules and laws have been repeated against Arab and foreign tourists, the last one of which happened in downtown Beirut where an attack was perpetrated against an Arab citizen."  I kid you not.  This last passage was a verbatim translation of the official weekly statement by the Hariri Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc.  

Posted on September 15, 2011 by As'ad