Strategic Thinker, Mini-Hariri outlines the plan for a joint Israeli-Lebanese action against Iran

Dream On:  "Senator Dodd asked Hariri what chance he saw for an agreement between Lebanon and Israel on unified action in regard to Iran. Hariri stated that he believed such an agreement was possible, but noted that several things would have to happen before such an agreement could be reached. First, the international community had to make UNSCR 1701 a priority, and to see that it was fully implemented. Second, the Special Tribunal to try those accused of the Hariri assassination had to move forward. For either of those goals to be reached, pressure had to be applied to Syria. 8. (C) Israel could take several steps to help the Lebanese government take away Hizballah,s claims to legitimacy. First, the overflights by Israeli aircraft over Lebanese territory should stop. Second, maps indicating the placement of landmines laid during the most recent war should be turned over to Lebanon to aid in mine disposal. Third, Sheba,a Farms should be turned over to the UN. Of these three additional steps, the Sheba,a Farms turnover was the "key of keys.8 Sheba'a Farms is claimed by both Syria and Lebanon. Part of Hizballah,s stated reason for existence is the recovery of all Lebanese lands occupied by Israel. After the pullout at the end of the summer war, Sheba,a remains the only Lebanese-claimed land still occupied by Israel. Were Israel to turn the land over to the UN and withdraw, Sheba'a Farms could no longer serve as justification for Hizballah to remain armed. It would also be attractive to resolve Sheba,a Farms by legal means, rather than by force."

Posted on September 5, 2011 by As'ad