quiet diplomacy in Lebanon

"We are currently dealing with an appallingly bad example of disregard of the rules for travel to partially unaccompanied posts. On 6/19, SGT Sean Buffalo, a Mississippi National Guardsman and a DOD GS-15 employee who reports that he now serves as a contractor for the Toifer Corporation in Afghanistan, showed up in Beirut for a three-day visit, reportedly to see his fiancee. He was detained at the Rafic Hariri Beirut International Airport for violating Lebanese customs. In his lugggage, he carried a Red Dot Scopes, a Bi-Pod, an AR-15 Rail, a Picatilly Rail with Laser Sight, and a GPS. Although our DATT used his channels to obtain Lebanese tacit approval to simply allow Buffalo to depart Lebanon quietly on the next available flight, Buffalo claimed to have no money and was incarcerated. He is currently in the custody of Lebanese military intelligence (G-2). He claims to have been a frequent visitor to Lebanon over the past two and a half years."

Posted on September 5, 2011 by As'ad