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Clovis Maqsud: this a true story

Recently, Clovis Maqsud wrote an article for An-Nahar setting the conditions for normalization with Israel.  Days later in As-Safir, Clovis wrote calling for the categorical rejection of Israel.  What gives, o Clovis?

Posted on October 31, 2010 by As'ad

Iran and Arab countries

Regarding the post below about the Iranian political system, an alert reader pointed out to me that many Iranians have indeed been executed for opposing Khomeini and that declaration of opposition to Khamenei would not be tolerated.  But still: if…

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My driver in Damascus

My cab driver in Damascus went to pray at a local mosque.  He emerged to discover that his shoes were stolen.  I thought: another reason why not to pray.

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Iran versus Arab countries

I saw an Iranian professor from the University of Tehran speak on RT news.  He prefaced his remarks by saying: I am not particularly a fan of Ahmadinajad.  I thought to myself: with all the noise that hypocritical Western governments make abo…

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Politically speaking

Some people are now wondering whether Bashshar Al-Asad–politically speaking only–is even more shrewd and more intelligent than his own father.  Which reminds me: i saw a sign over a Syrian military post outside of Damascus.  It reads: Hafid…

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Ghazi Kan`an

I am told that former Minister of Interior (and Hariri tool and stooge), Ghazi Kan`an, died from 17 shots to the head.  That he shot himself once in the head but did not die.  The director of his office saw that and shot him again and again, …

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Robert Fisk: lost forever, dazed and confused

He has become an embarrassment to himself.  I saw him on RT news channel.  And he as so bad.  I realized that he is a bad speaker and his anecdotal stories sound too fake and irrelevant.  A guest from Iran on the same program pointe…

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The sense from Lebanon

I just returned from Lebanon last night.  There is much nervousness about what is happening and what will happen.  It is all about the Hariri tribunal and its much anticipated–not by me–decision.  The US Middle East Zionist policy maki…

Posted on October 31, 2010 by As'ad

Prince Al-Walid bin Fox News

“”Those people behind the mosque have to respect, have to appreciate and have to defer to the people of New York,”"  Somebody needs to remind him that the “people of New York” includes Muslims. (thanks “Ibn Rushd”)PS This while I am opposed to the…

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Damascus is developing very capitalistically, and you see many tourists in the streets.  There is more preservation of the old and of antiquities than in Lebanon but a Syrian told me that corruption in government led to removal of some antiquities…

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Syrian workers in Lebanon

Attacks on Syrian workers continue in Lebanon.

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Lebanese racism

Comrade Khaled writes against Lebanese (skin color) racism.

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The encounter in the clinic in the southern suburbs of Beirut

Talal, a comrade and friend who heads a division at a major medical center at well-known US university, sent me this regarding the “visit” by a Hariri tribunal team to the clinic of a Lebanese physician:  ”Is it not interesting that the Internatio…

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One of the best places for (real) traditional, old-fashioned Middle Eastern food is Naranj in Damascus, Syria.

Posted on October 26, 2010 by As'ad

Angry Arab in the cockpit

I was in the MEA plane on the way to Beirut.  I was going out from the restroom to return to my seat.  At that point, the co-pilot was emerging from the cockpit.  He greeted me warmly and said that he was a big fan.  I thanked him. …

Posted on October 24, 2010 by As'ad

Ahmadinajd’s visit

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar:  ”Ahmadinajad’s Visit:  Divorcing Lebanese Shi`ites”

Posted on October 22, 2010 by As'ad

“clearly Muslim”

“He said he was let go for “telling the truth” about his feelings of nervousness when he sees people he thinks are clearly Muslim on airplanes.”  I have a feeling of nervousness towards people who clearly had a reputation for sleaze and sexism in …

Posted on October 22, 2010 by As'ad

This is the Israeli “left” mind you

“Member of the Israeli Knesset, Nitzan Horowitz, spoke of his opposition to the proposed boycott of Israeli citizens and institutions and slammed the idea of single binational state as a “recipe for failure and civil war” in London this week:”…

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This is not in the East

“High School Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad for Refusal to Cheer for Her Rapist”

Posted on October 22, 2010 by As'ad

Disgrace unto the nations: Israel

“Another neighbor called an ambulance. Kristien Garrett was taken to Barzilai with cramps, and hospitalized overnight. She has now been discharged on bed rest.  The lawyer for the family, Nicole Maor of the Israel Religious Action Center, said tha…

Posted on October 22, 2010 by As'ad