Nazila Fathi: reporting from Toronto

I mean, I was reading a pile of New York Times. I mean, reading Nazila Fathi is now a joke, really. Every dispatch is based on opposition website, Jaras. Why not just print an invitation to readers to visit Jaras website, or provide verbatim translations from Jaras. That is all what she is doing, really. Oh, sometimes she also speaks to someone from Toronto who spoke to someone who spoke to someone in Iran, as in: "Mr. Taebi, who lives in Toronto, spoke by phone on Tuesday with Mr. Panahi’s son, Panah Panahi, who was not at home during the raid and was not arrested." So she spoke to someone in Toronto (from her base in Toronto) and the person spoke by phone to someone in Iran, who did not witness what happened but nevertheless reported what happened, right? I mean, this is why people go to journalism schools for? Can you imagine if Taghreed El-Khodori writes a story about Israel using the same methods? Like "I spoke to someone in Tortonto who spoke to someone in Nablus who did not witness the arrest of the Palestinian but can report on it...." Taghreed would be fired on the spot.

Posted on March 4, 2010 by As'ad