Attacks on gays and lesbians in Israel

"The head of Israel's youth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Association, Yaniv Weisman, told the BBC the gunman must have intended to attack the centre "because it's not a place you can see outside". He said the gay community was demanding to know why it had been targeted. "The gay community in Israel, in Tel Aviv, today got a message, a very strong message, a red light, that Israel, Tel Aviv, no longer a safe place to no one," he said." I hope that Israeli gays and lesbians now can identify with the Palestinians who have not been made to feel safe in their own homeland. And this Israeli attack on Israeli gays and lesbians will not get attention in the US press, I predict, perhaps except to urge Americans to support more military aid for the usurping entity. (thanks Olivia)

Posted on August 2, 2009 by As'ad