Ask Thomas Friedman about Progressive TV. Today, I kept thinking about this American (media) habit: of columnists making comments about cultures they don’t know or understand, and about media that transmit in languages that they don’t know. How many times have you heard people making comments about AlJazeera, for example? Oh, now they think that they are qualified because they happen to be on the mailing list of MEMRI. Oh, yes. This is like learning about the Arab world from the brochures put out by the Israeli embassy in your city. So today, Thomas Friedman talked about Hariri (Future) TV being “progressive.” I turned in today to Hariri TV after it resumed transmission, and I swear: there he was, the media adviser of Sa`d Hariri (and the columnist and first page writer in Hariri rag, Al-Mustaqbal, Farish Khashshan) yelling at the camera: “They are thugs. They are criminals. Wi’am Wahhab (pro-Syrian former minister) is a wild pig. Nasir Qandil (former pro-Syrian member of parliament ON RAFIQ HARIRI LIST IN BEIRUT) is a parasite.” I then watched this cleric talking: for a second, I thought it was yet another speech by Ayman Dhawhiri, but alas it was Hariri-appointed, Muftititi of `Akkar reading a speech. I finished watching having learned about progressive TV what I knew not before.

Posted on May 14, 2008 by As'ad