It is very clear. The Lebanese Army soldiers were defeated yesterday by the fighters of Fath-Al-Islam, so the Army is taking revenge on the civilian residents of the refugee camp of Nahr Al-Barid. It is most distressing that none of the Lebanese politicians or parties–not to mention the civic associations, with the exception of Usamah Sa`d (MP from Sidon), has spoken on behalf of the Palestinian refugees. NBN-TV (owned by Nabih Birri) has been running non-stop salutations to the Lebanese Army (as if it lifted a finger when it should have–when Israel invaded Lebanon). Hizbullah media (on the internet) is also barely saying a word about the suffering inside the camps. Al-Arabiya TV is now reporting that shooting started while the Red Cross team was supposed to be visiting the camp. I saw the PLO ambassador in Lebanon, `Abbas Zaki (an Abu Mazen’s protege), and he was also busy sending salutations to the Lebanese Army. This is the PLO ambassador, mind you. Last summer, during the Israeli war on Lebanon, the Sri Lankan ambassador in Lebanon, invited all the Sri Lankan maids in Lebanon to stay at the embassy, and he even cooked for them personally. He would go out and fetch for bread for them. Compare that to this PLO ambassador who is now run by the Hariri family. Former Minister, Sulyaman Franjiyyah, told NBN TV that some of the people who were fighting with Fath-Al-Islam yesterday had been previously arrested by the Lebanese government but were subsequently released due to intercessions from Hariri family. And the “spiritual guide” of Fath-Al-Islam is a fanatic cleric who resides–you guessed it–in Saudi Arabia.

Posted on May 21, 2007 by As'ad