After Abu Ghraib, the US administration made sure to send qualified and competent officers to run the Iraqi prisons: “In Florida, Steele was charged in 1993 with aggravated child abuse in connection with the alleged mistreatment of a stepson, 11. According to an arrest affidavit filed in court, Steele struck the boy for failing to complete homework and chores, deprived him of food and called him “worthless.”…In Prince George County, Steele was charged with two misdemeanor offenses after a dispute over the construction of a shed in 2003. Complainant Bachir Jamil, a contractor, said in court papers that Steele menaced him, saying, “You better get out of here or I’ll blow your head off,” and that Steele accused him of working for al-Qaeda. Jamil, who was born in Lebanon and has lived in the United States for 53 years, said in an interview that Steele bragged about being a “big guy in the Army.”"

Posted on May 2, 2007 by As'ad