A new trend in silly US propaganda. When US helicopters are downed in Iraq, notice that they now wait for weeks before they report that indeed they were forced down by enemy fire. Today, was another example. What? They want the public to think that mechanical errors were the reason? Will the public not notice that mechanical errors always happen over Falujah? And I will alert you in a few weeks when the military confirm that it was downed by enemy fire. And why does it take weeks to confirm that it was downed by gunfire? And I have noticed that news shows are not giving extensive coverage to attacks on US troops in Iraq. Today in Michigan: they were busy reporting two major stories: one, about a new “Education” video to tell people in high schools about “the dangers of sex.” The second story about a guy who infiltrated into the local Burger King and used the drive though microphone to curse and insult driving customers. The state is quite concerned about that one. I also caught a glimpse of The View program while working out: They have a special feature called Self-esteem Makeovers. Imagine how sexist and self-defeating. They bring in young girls (in their early teens) and give them makeovers “to improve their self-esteem.” How sexist is that? The link for the Burger King imposter is here “>here.

Posted on January 8, 2004 by As'ad