I have had it with absolutely dumb propaganda. Every day, you read an item in one US newspaper or another about the ostensible avalanche of information after Saddam’s capture. Now I may not be as slow as Anderson Cooper, but I have to say this: if it is true that information is flowing from ordinary Iraqis to the US military following Saddam’s capture, why would the US be saying that daily? I see a propaganda news plant. I think that it indicates that information is NOT flowing, and the US occupation authority wants to encourage Iraqis to come forward with information, so they plant stories to the effect that everybody is talking so you better talk. This is the same (il)logic that was behind the early (erroneous) reporting that Saddam is revealing “everything” to the US, only to learn later that he has not said anything of value.

Posted on January 5, 2004 by As'ad