Now skeptical stories about the story of Saddam’s capture have arrived to the Western press: here is one, and here isanother. But what I do not understand is why some 52 % of Americans who say that they are more likely to vote for Bush due to the capture of Saddam think that Bush was behind the capture. Why is that? And another note on the new Arab dictatorship that the US will love and cuddle: Libya. A friend of mine was sent by the UN to do a study of Libyan economy. She goes to her hotel, and checks in. And when she goes to her room, she discovers–to her horror–that her room door has no lock whatever. She hurries downstairs, and reported to the front desk what she thought was an error. They told her: Of course, there are no locks on the door. How would we be able to enter your room if we have locks on the doors. For the entire month or so that she spent in Libya, she was afraid to take off her clothes. But do not badmouth the Libyan dictatorship: an ally of the US in the “war on terrorism.”

Posted on December 21, 2003 by As'ad